About Us

I bet your wondering why a gun massager? Well we did 3 months of research and ended up exploring the unheard benefits of percussion therapy. By partnering up with a dedicated team of fitness experts in Hong Kong and Singapore, the beta model of the product was launched in April, 2019. Due to the overwhelming positive response received for our product in Hong Kong and China, We made the product available worldwide in the beginning of January, 2020.

We take all of the unnecessary frills out of our product and pass all of those savings on to you so we can bring you the world's premium percussion massaging solution at the best prices.

We're excited to see how things go but more importantly gain the experience in entrepreneurial journey.

Our vision was to “creative solution at affordable prices”. That vision still holds true for Kshealthandfitness.com, offering the ultimate comfort and quick massaging relief for a healthy living today!

All our products are conscious unique choices that we make therefore they are helping thousands of humans regardless of age and gender to stay away from body aches every day.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please feel free to drop a line to support@Kshealthandfitness.com.